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                 As a pioneer of tattoo supplies industry ,Saya is striving to turning out the quality products and services for worldwide tattoo beginners and masters.
                 We have been opening the business from making and selling tattoo premade needles,and our products not only range from all kinds of precise made needles but disposable tubes,tattoo machine,tattoo wholesale,tattoo manufacturer,tattoo kit,tattoo ink,tattoo supplies,power supplies,permanent makeup machine,permanent makeup kit,permanent makeup needles,makeup pigment,piercing tool,piercing needles and a full range of supplies for the art of Tattoo.
                 With years of the growing in the business,we have set up a standard resolution for customer cooperation and services.We appreciate all collaboration from prestige partners worldwide,that help us move on highly in the industry.

                  Why become a tattoo supply distributor? Make money selling tattoo supplies. Take advantage of our distributor program and receive up to 40% discount off our retail pricing. Purchasing wholesale tattoo supplies from is the easiest and quickest way to become a tattoo supply distributor. 


          How do I become a tattoo supply distributor?
          1. there's a $500 minimum to order,you will be our distributor.
          2. fill out the information ,our customer service will contact it by email.
          The Saya team is dedicated to be your #1 reliable supplier of Tattoo Supplies & Equipment.